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George King provides advising and consulting support on well completions, workovers and stimulation as well as general Petroleum Engineering services.  Specialties include perforating, reservoir-to-wellbore flow path improvements, formation damage control, multi-stage fracturing from horizontal wells and many other topics.  George has developed a broad and very unique skill set with both teaching and practical work experience in linking mechanical well design, geological understanding and both downhole and surface treating chemical reaction knowledge.  While at Amoco and BP, George worked closely with idea generation and new concept development programs. He holds several patents and has assisted with many others.  Project technical assessment is available to assist with and offer guidance on projects in unconventional wells and with development projects requiring ideas and solutions to challenges. Innovation coaching using accepted innovation creation methods is offered in early stages of project planning for finding new approaches to problems.  

George has also helped develop hundreds of self-paced training modules and has delivered training courses through the BP-Chevron Training Alliance, SPE, AAPG and senior and graduate courses in the Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Tulsa. These training modules, where allowed by copyright rules, are available for free download under the downloads tab.

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