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George King is a technology provider in the oil and gas industry specializing in new technology and problem well solutions. This site offers a unique set of information relative to the oil and gas industry intended to help educate and inform the public on oil and gas operations specific to completion, stimulation and production.  The information is offered free of charge and links mechanical well design, geological understanding and extensive chemical experience built on 45 years of industry experience.  

The focus is on well design, improving the reservoir-to-wellbore flow path, formation damage assessment, stimulation in unconventional reservoirs including sand control, shales and chalks, as well as horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.

The primary objective of offering the information is to provide information that may assist companies from mid range independents to larger independents where employee skills in the areas of specialty stimulation and production chemical treating and optimization knowledge is lacking. The secondary thrust is helping individuals and small companies develop and capitalize on new ideas that solve difficult operating problems in unconventional environments.

Specific focus is around formation damage, stimulation in unconventional plays such as shale and chalks, completion design, production chemistry and sand control.


Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer (PE 10831 in Oklahoma and PE 110993 in Texas) with 46 Years of World Wide Experience
Active in Completion Design, Stimulation, Unconventional Formation Completions, Horizontal Wells with Multi-Stage Fracs, Project Evaluation and Downhole Innovation Assistance


    • Assistance with completion, stimulation, well intervention and formation damage issues for oil and gas wells.

    • Experience with unconventional wells and multi-stage fracturing in horizontals. 

    • Production operation experience including well unloading, well problem diagnostics and treatment optimization.

    • Problem well assistance. 

    • New technology evaluation and project technical assessment.

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