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The information posted on this site is offered for basic information only and is free of charge or obligation.  Energy related technology is constantly changing, thus more current materials may be available elsewhere. There is no company affiliation with this information other than my own and the comments associated with the technology on this site are mine alone.  No warranty of any type is expressed or implied and no responsibility for accuracy is intended or accepted.  The properties of natural formations vary widely and simple statements of theory without detailed sample analysis and monitoring will not be accurate.  Results of even the best designed operations in the subsurface vary widely and no concepts or model prediction of physical or chemical behavior in formations can be assumed to be accurate without extensive evaluation and testing.


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Chemicals used in Well Developments
Culture of Maintenance
How a Well is Built
Hydraulic Fracturing: What is it?
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in produced waters
Natural Methane Seeps and Methane in Ground Water
Protecting Ground Water
Questions to ask before Leasing Land
Seismic: What is the Risk?
Water Use of Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing
Well Development: How long does it take?

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Acid Backflow
Acid Diverting
Alternate Water Sources for Fracturing
Addressing Shale Environmental Risk World Watch
An Enviro Investor Guide to Chemicals in Fracturing
Annular Pressure Overview
Asphaltenes Deposition and Removal
Avoiding Pitfalls in Shale Development SPE 16 April 2014
Avoiding Shale Investment Pitfalls
Basic Cement Isolation Evaluation 18 November 2014
Bacteria Damage
Brine De-oxygenation
Brine Temp_Osca
Brines Fluids and Filtration
Burleson County Commisioners Meeting 26 Nov 2013
Cased Hole Fishing
Casing Design Hand Calculation
Cement Bond Log Overview
Cementing Chapter 3
Cement Squeeze
Methane Density
Clays and Damage
Cleanout and Debris Removal
CO2 Denisity
CO2 Partial Pressure Chart
Coiled Tubing Bottom Hole Assemblies
Coiled Tubing Surface Equipment
Concepts Basic Well Completions
Concepts Geology
Concepts Well Planning
Coning gas
Coning water
Corrosion Overview
CritVel 17Jun03
Condensate Banking Retrograde Remediation
Corrosion Introduction
DHV oil entry in water (video)
DHV pipe fish (Video)
DHV Csg stub west TX (Video)
Downhole Chokes
Drilling Pay
Drilling The Pay Chapter 1
Drill Stem Tests
Dry Gas Gradient
Dynamic Underbabance
E-Line and Braided Line
Educating Perception to Reality on Both Sides SPE 23-25 September 2014 George King
Elastomer Performance Ratings from Literature Sources
Emulsions nugget
Estimating and Explaining Fracture Risk
External Casing Packers ECP
Technology to Save you Millions - CNG, LNG & MFHW
Fishing cased hole
Flow from the Reservoir to the Pipeline
Formation Damage
Formation Damage Examples
Fracturing Flowback Controls Analysis Benefits

Free Point and Back-Off
Friction calculator
From the Reservoir Limit to Pipeline Flow
Gas Gradient
Glossary of Petroleum Engineering Terms 25-Aug-2010
Gomez Whale (Video)
Guide to Chemicals in Fracturing
Guide to Drilling Basics
Guide to Fracturing
Guide to Offshore Oil Production
Guide to Well Construction
Heavily scaled well bore (Video)
Horizontal Well Basics
How a Well Flows
How to succeed in spite of yourself
Hydraulic Fracturing - Apache - George King - 13-Aug-2014
Hydraulic Fracturing Risks and Hype AIChE 8-January 2015
Insulated Tubulars
Intervention Barriers
Intro Series 1 Geology for Completions
Intro Series 2 Completion Concepts
Intro Series 3 Well Planning
Intro Series 4 Drilling the Pay
Job Application Details
Leak and Channel Detection
Locating a Tubing Leak
Logging Basics
Logging Cased Hole
MIT Alumni - Palo Alto Jan 22, 2014
Multi-Well Pad Operations For Shale Gas Developmen
Offshore Posters
Open hole perforating
Open Perforation Estimates
Packer Failure
Packer Milling
Paraffin Removal
Perforating Basics
Perforating Shock Absorbers
Pickling Basics
Pickling Tubing Strings
Primary Cementing Application Overview
Pipe Cutoff
Pipe Cutoff Report
Plug and Abandonment Basics
Plugs and Profiles
Practical Intervention Barriers
Procedure Writing
Production Choke Basics
Quality Control Starting Point
Relative Perm Effects - Oil in a Gas Reservoir
Reliability of Downhole Equipment
Reverse Circulation with Coiled Tubing
Responses to Fracturing Questions - 8-Jan-2015
Rock Basics
Rock Stress and Failure Basics
Sand Control Failure Frequency Study
Sand Control Overview
Scale Basics
Schematics Basics
Shale Frac Backflow
Shale Gas References for Fracturing - SPE 133456
Skin Damage Explanation
Slickline Basics
Snubbing nugget
Solvent Treating Basics
SPE Presentation 18-Nov-2010
SPE Student Summit 9 Feb 2013 George King
Squeeze Cementing
Stimulation Effect on Treaters
String Shots
Surface Facilities nugget
Subsurface Safety Valve Basics
test pipe2 (Video)
Texas Tech Hydraulic Fracturing 4 September 2014 Apache George King
Tree Saver
Tubing Leaks
Tubing Selection
Tubular Connections
Used Pipe Inspection Guidelines
Used Sucker Rod Guidelines
Valve Sizing
Velocity Strings
vertical annular (Video)
vertical churn (Video)
Water Content of Gas
Water Control Basics
Wellhead Isolation Techniques
Well Heads Chokes SSSV Chapter 5
Wireline Information and Background
Well Testing