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George King provides advising and consulting support on well completions, workovers and stimulation as well as general Petroleum Engineering services.  Specialties include perforating, reservoir-to-wellbore flow path improvements, formation damage control, multi-stage fracturing from horizontal wells and many other topics.  George has developed a broad and very unique skill set with both teaching and practical work experience in linking mechanical well design, geological understanding and both downhole and surface treating chemical reaction knowledge.  While at Amoco and BP, George worked closely with idea generation and new concept development programs. He holds several patents and has assisted with many others.  Project technical assessment is available to assist with and offer guidance on projects in unconventional wells and with development projects requiring ideas and solutions to challenges. Innovation coaching using accepted innovation creation methods is offered in early stages of project planning for finding new approaches to problems.  

George has also helped develop hundreds of self-paced training modules and has delivered training courses through the BP-Chevron Training Alliance, SPE, AAPG and senior and graduate courses in the Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Tulsa. These training modules, where allowed by copyright rules, are available for free download under the downloads tab.

Because of a heavy work load with Apache, I am limiting consulting work in most cases.  Contact me for information on availability to perform reference work or other short-term review projects.
Contact at gkingengineering@comcast.net  1 281 851 8095. I will answer calls and emails as quickly as I can.

I have a long term agreement with Apache to help with technical advancement in their operations and do not work with other companies in the areas in which they operate. I have a continuing confidentiality agreement with Energy Ventures that covers information on inventions that they have submitted to me for technical assessment. I may have other, short-term CA’s in effect for projects on which I am working. These CA’s may limit my participation on a project and I will not participate or will withdraw where necessary after stating the conflict. I usually limit my participation to working with one company in any operations area (e.g., specific technology project, exploration or operating field, resource play, invention area, etc.) where confidential information is being disclosed to me or developed with my cooperation.  In these cases, I will work with only one company or contract during the time of work or development and will keep confidential any information for a period of eighteen months (or to terms of the contract) after completion of the job, except where further reporting is required by the ethics code of the Professional Engineering practice.

A damaged screen from a sand control environment. Many screen failures are caused after the fines from the formation are stopped at the screen.  As screen plugging seals off the available flow entry points, the remaining open areas experience extremely fast flow rates that erode the protective screen and create a hole.
Sand Control Performance is heavily dependent on describing the formation sand grain size and sorting characteristics of representative formation samples. For more detail see SPE papers 39437 and SPE 84262. 

What caused the low order firing?  In this case, it was detonating cord that had been damaged by freezing.

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Sand Control Methods - Failures vs. Years of Service

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